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What to Do If A Whole Community Hates What You Are Offering (Wilber & SuperHumanOS)

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a friend about a new Ken Wilber program called SuperHumanOS, and asking if I would promote it to my community.  Wilber’s work (specifically his teaching around the evolution of consciousness and how it has translated in my own waking up journey) has greatly impacted my life, so I was intrigued.

As soon as I clicked through to check it out, I knew it was a full-body yes. Ken Wilber made it understandable and accessible. Yes, we need more of that for sure. Check it out yourself.  Here’s my affiliate link to the free webinar with Ken teaching the SuperHumanOS this week.

I knew as soon as I saw it that many  people of the “Integral Community” (in this case defined as people who have studied the teachings of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory) would be outraged about the promotion of this event.

This is not your old-style Ken Wilber.  Thick with symbology, dense, and nearly impossible for anyone but those with the highest of IQs to access.

The SuperHumanOS leverages the best minds in internet marketing to put a simplified face (and pretty colors) on concepts that have been (up until now) extremely complex and only available to those with loads of time to study.superhuman

When I posted my excitement about the webinar and a link to it in the Integral Universe Facebook group there was outrage. Many who have followed Wilber for some time seem to believe Wilber has “jumped the shark” with promotional material for his free webinar full of what they say are questionable claims, easy results and otherwise misleading promises.

I read comment after comment by members of the Integral Community hating on the SuperHumanOS.

Personally, I don’t get it.  If we are going to create a tipping point of consciousness from Tier  1 to Tier 2, we are going to need to move the masses.

Fortunately, a few famous Integralists, such as Shawn Phillips and Brett Thomas, brought some integral consciousness to the party.

Shawn, author of the book Strength for Life, said: “The only way to get people moving who aren’t is to offer what they want and give them what they need.  More good done with the impact than all the elitist perfectionists criticizing or waiting for others to find the way.  Get movement .. Get cash flow… Reach more powerfully … Win win.”

Brett Thomas, a 20-year veteran in the world of human performance and organizational development and author of the 52-week Integral Leadership program, brought some more understanding to the topic when he said:

“Guys, this is called Online Marketing also called Content Marketing. Comparing marketing to MLM is a display of ignorance. Also, suggesting that its nothing but a sales pitch is equally ignorant. This style of marketing is not only a great way to give a lot of value content a way for free, funded by the small % of people who want to buy a more comprehensive course, it is one of the best strategies in existence to find movements such as ours rich with ideas and solutions. Having a ‘green’ allergic reaction to marketing because you haven’t integrated your ‘orange’ embarrasses yourselves and the rest of us who are your integral peers. Many smart people have tried to fund this next wave (integral wave) and kens work. Few have had a lot of success. Bravo to bold, creative talented team bringing this product out to the masses. It’s a brilliant strategy and its also ethical and integral. It may not be perfect but it sucks to have people not doing anything criticizing the pioneers who are doing something positive.”

Besides these two voices of reason and a few others, within the integral practitioner community, it’s been a whole lot of complaints, criticism and hating.

Personally, I don’t get it because Ken’s teaching of integral or “teal” consciousness is that to make the leap in consciousness that will save our world we must transcend and include our prior conditioning, which would mean the “orange” level of consciousness, which includes an understanding of marketing and making money is welcome.

And, it’s clearly working.  David Hassell, founder of a transformational software platform for ensuring employees feel heard called 15Five said “I’ve had Ken on my reading list for years, but could never get around to it. I’m signed up for the webinar.”

David Hassell is just the kind of guy we all want becoming more aware of Ken’s teachings because he’ll take the concepts and make them manifest in the world.

So, what would you do if a whole community was hating on you?

Would you retract? Pull back? Shrink? Or would you see it for what it is? The evidence that you are making real impact in the world?

I hope the latter. And it’s exactly what Ryan Parks and his partner, Todd Jason, the co-founders of Sacred Media (the company who has created the SuperHumanOS campaign) have done.

You can read a statement by Ryan Parks here.

Ryan and Todd have applied their understanding of Integral consciousness to stay open, focused, and allowing.  When the complaints began rolling in, of course they were tempted to react in anger, hurt and fear, lashing back out at the crowd. But they didn’t.  They relaxed into the reaction, kept moving forward, and transcended and included the hurt.

These are the leaders I want bringing more of Wilber’s work in the world.

To check out the webinar yourself (it’s free and will support you to fully live into your greatest potential), register here. I’d really like you to join in. The world needs all of you now.  Even (especially!) the parts that will be hated.