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The Gift in What’s Hard in Life and Business

Dearest One,

I  wanted to take a moment to reach out and offer you the support, love and guidance I have so often wished someone would offer to me in a time of struggle. I am here to support you in making the leap and saying ‘yes’ to what you want, even though it’s really, really, really scary and hard sometime. And, requires so much letting go. Letting go of things that are no longer in alignment, but have been so comfortable for so long.

Finding the Gift in Whats Hard Eyes Wide Open Alexis Neely

That tension you are feeling, that stress, that uncertainty, that feeling of “ohhhhh no, i can’t do it, i can’t, i can’t, i can’t” is resistance. It’s going to pass, just breathe through it. Just like as if you were on a roller coaster and as the roller coaster is going higher and higher and higher and higher, it gets scarier, and scarier and scarier and scarier.

My mind gets louder, and louder and louder and louder.  Until the crest when I think I’m gonna die. No, I’m sure I’m going to. That’s it, it’s all over, we’re done for. And then swoosh, we’re down in a second and on the flats and screaming with excitement joy.

Keep going, you are almost there.

I share this because I’m just like you.  Maybe I’ve been doing it a bit longer, maybe I have more experience under my belt, but honestly, it doesn’t make it any different. The roller coaster exists, you are on it, I am on it, we are riding.

You see, the number of projects I’m working on right now is boggling my mind. And they are all so damn good that my heart is soaring while my mind is being boggled. It’s a pretty intense feeling. I’m sure you’re probably right there with me.

That’s why I feel this letter is so timely for this community.

We are all going through intense growth and big shifts. And, in the past, when I got to the top of the roller coaster, I bailed.  I couldn’t keep going over the voices over my head and I pulled back.  I gave up.

And while that was the perfect thing for my evolution, I wish I had someone who would have said to me — you are so close. Keep going. You can do it. The crest is just over that hill and then you’ll be on the flats, screaming with joy.

Let me be that for you now.

Every single scary thing happening in your life and in your business is happening FOR you.  It’s all a gift.  You are in the process of being taught how to BE the person you want to be, how to HAVE the life you want to have, and to be able to say yes to all of it.

Saying yes to all of it can be overwhelming and scary.  But it’s all leading you to what you really want.

And, if you can keep seeing that every single thing that is happening is happening FOR you, to accelerate your own evolution, we can all enjoy the process together. Sinking into hopelessness and getting stuck there doesn’t lead to happiness, it doesn’t lead to the life you want. (You know I’m writing this for myself too, right?)

The whole truth is this –  success comes to those who persist. Period. Keep going. I’m with you. We all are. It’s all happening.

Share with us in the comments below where you are afraid it’s not all happening and we can show you where you are stuck. We are all here with you – to support you and provide our collective wisdom to your journey.