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Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Sweigh Spilkin

sweighI’ve always been an inside-out kind of person. More interested in the “why” behind what I do then in the “how.”

As a healer, mentor, and guide for other healers, my true training ground has been my inner journey through illness and back into wholeness. My work in the world is the way in which I express my soul. I regularly use strange words like “psychopomp” and “initiation” and “soul medicine.”  I’m sure there’s a Youtube video about people like me. I have altars everywhere, and feathers, and bones, and wings on my walls, and each one tells a story. I’ve spent years cultivating the inner realms and I’m at home there.

But the thing is, without the “how,” the “why” doesn’t really matter.

Without the skills, business support, and tools to bring inner medicine out and into the world, then none of my gifts get to reach those that need it most.

That’s where the Business Priestess Mistressmind came in.

By the time I had my first conversation with Ali, I had enough of the “why” under my belt. But if I was going to make the big impact on the world that I longed to, I needed to focus on the “how.”

When I joined the Business Priestess Mistressmind my business looked good from the outside—I had a booming private practice as a somatic psychotherapist and healer, hosted a radio show, and offered trainings for other healers—but I felt squeezed. None of it was really sustainable. I was spending way too much time on ineffective marketing with little return. And way too many direct hours with clients leaving me with little time to do what I loved—write and create content (not to mention hike on the land, meditate, and play!). It was time for me to transition my practice, to take on fewer clients, offer larger programs, and bring my business to the next level.

But I didn’t know how to get there. And more importantly, I was terrified that I couldn’t get there without selling my soul.

I was hesitant before I jumped into the Business Priestess Mistressmind. I love Ali, had known her for years, but Ali’s way of doing business felt different than mine. My biggest concern was that to “play bigger” in my business I would have to loose myself or become someone that I’m not. And that wasn’t something I was willing to do. I needed to know that I could stay authentic and connected to what was important to me as I grew.

Day 1 of the Misstressmind I received a “direct download” from my intuition, a full map of how to offer my Great Work in the world. This is the power of stepping into an “up-leveling” container. When we say ‘yes’, what we need appears, often in unexpected ways. I spent the next six months beginning to implement what I received.

Through the course of the Mistressmind I was able to launch my first online program, a highly successful, 30-day meditation program called, Opening to the Divine. I also made $20,000 in new revenue, learned a ton, developed the confidence I needed to take my business to the next level, and, most importantly, did it all in a way that felt authentic to who I am. For the most part, my launch matched the ease, grace, and trust that I was teaching about in my program.

I’ve known for a while what’s mine to do—help healers move from their wounds all the way through to offering their Soul Medicine in to the world. And although I’ve had the inner skills and capacities to do it, I hadn’t developed the high-level business knowledge that I needed to take my business into the world.

Now I have both.

Along with a map for the next few years of my business, my first summit planned, a book project in the works, programs gearing up to launch, and the support and confidence to bring my gifts all the way through. And, on top of it all, I know that I can use what I learned in the Business Priestess Mistressmind to help other healers to grow their businesses while staying true to their souls. This makes me happy. I can’t recommend the Eyes Wide Open team enough.

Sweigh Emily Spilkin
Healer for Healers + Soul Medicine Guide

Watch the Replay of Our Business Priestess Mistressmind Google Hangout: “Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess AND the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader.”