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Marie Forleo B-School Review: Why I Promote B-school & The Top 5 Reasons You’re Maybe NOT Joining B-School


Marie Forleo has opened the doors to B-School and open enrollment has begun … but maybe you’re still not enrolled? I know how hard it can be to invest into any coaching or training program. It should be a careful decision and one you should make with your eyes wide open. That’s why I’ve put together this Marie Forleo B-School Review to help you make an informed decision.

You see, leading a community is a big responsibility. People take my advice seriously. They act on it. Perhaps you have yourself. And everyday I am invited to share things with this community, and I face the decision of whether to say yes to this sharing.

This year, I was invited to be part of a select group of affiliates of Marie Forleo’s B-School program. (You might be surprised to hear it was a select group if you are seeing everyone around you promote it; but it was — she limited affiliate promotion this year to only those she chose specifically.)Marie Forleo B-School Review

Some of you may wonder why I invest so much time and energy in sharing B-School. So before we get into my Marie Forleo B-School Review, here it is:

Why I promote B-School…

There are a few reasons and it’s important for you to know them because these will be questions you face as you offer your own programs and products online as well as consider offering others.

  1. I promote products and programs that fill a gap in what we offer. We offer programs on packaging your knowledge into products, programs and services and pricing them properly (business model) and for setting up a business foundation that feels great and supports your work (legal, insurance, financial and tax), but that leaves a big hole.What if you don’t know how to bring your services and products online? What if you don’t know how to create an offer? What if you don’t know about marketing? Well, that’s where B-School comes in. B-School, Money Map and LIFT go hand in hand.
  2. Marie is the real deal. Marie’s program doesn’t just teach you what’s in the program – the nuts and bolts stuff. That’s stuff that you COULD get elsewhere in other programs.Why I specifically promote Marie is because along with all the nuts and bolts of online marketing, Marie transmits a quality of leadership that is key as we step into the New Economy. Straightforward and direct communication. Clear boundaries. Open, yet discerning heart.These qualities often cannot be taught; they are transmitted.
  3. We love supporting people who have been through Marie’s B-School program. When you go through Marie’s program, I know you are serious about building a business you can count on. That means I don’t need to convince you of the importance of pricing and packaging in alignment with your life. It means I don’t need to persuade you about the importance of legal agreements, insurance, financial systems and strategic tax planning.That makes our job easier.

Marie Forleo B-School Review

With that said, I want to be super clear here – B-School is NOT for everyone. Yes, you heard right. While I’d love for you take advantage of this incredible program, I want you to know that I’m not here to sell you on a program if it isn’t a true fit for you.

Let’s get clear on a couple of things…

WHAT B-School Is and WHO It’s For…

B-School (aka Business School) is an online training program that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring creatives how to build and grow their businesses. Over a span of 8 weeks and 6 modules (and tons of bonus content), B-School shows you how to bring your gift to more people through authentic and effective marketing, unique branding, and a powerful and profitable online presence.

So, if you’re someone who’s looking to reach more people with your great work, show up in the world in a bigger way and show up in a way that is authentic to you, B-School is for you! Simple as that.

Now that we’ve determined if B-School is a fit for you, let’s get to the juice of our Marie Forleo B-School Review with…

The Top 5 Reasons You’re NOT Joining B-School:

Reason #1: Money.

I have to say, and I think many people will agree with me… the cost of B-School is a small drop in the hat compared to the value you will receive and the results you will experience. If you’re truly serious about growing your business, this is a small investment among many more to come. And of the funnest parts of B-School, the bonuses, can double and even triple your investment with products, coaching and programs that will further help your growth. If you’re going to purchase these programs in the future, and my guess is that you are, you’re actually costing yourself money by not enrolling in B-school now and taking advantage of the bonuses out there.

Want to get a list of the top bonuses out there? Maximize your B-School investment by enrolling through an affiliate link and receiving an top-notch bonus. We’ll be sharing our bonus soon, but if you’ve come to this site and it’s not here yet, please email [email protected] and ask.

Marie Forleo B-School Review“I replaced my salary within one year of taking the big leap.” B-School Grad, Tracy Lee Jones

Reason #2: Time.

Kids, work, life – we’re all busy but don’t let that hold you back. With B-School, once you purchase it you have life-time access… forever! So whenever you’re ready, everything will always be right where you need it. And each module is dowloadable to your phone, note pad, laptop, ipod and you can listen at your convenience. B-School was designed to fit around you.

Marie Forleo B-School Review“If I can lose everything, then rebuild my family’s life, and start a new online business that allows me to be a stay-at-home mom, then anyone can do it! B-School Grad, Stasia Wimmer

Reason #3: “I’m just not ready.”

If you’re at the beginning stages of your business or you’re still in the concept phase, you’re probably thinking that a program like this is for later down the road… when you’re “ready.” The truth is, NOW is the time. A program like this is exactly what you need when you’re just starting out so you can be sure you’re doing it right and laying the right foundation.

Plus, Marie has created a bonus program just for you, the Start the Right Business program. With it, you’ll learn how to answer these tough questions and more:

  • “How do I decide what business I should start?”
  • “What if I have an idea, but I haven’t done anything with it yet? How do I know my idea will make money?”
  • “I have too many ideas—how do I narrow it down and decide which one to choose?”

Marie Forleo B-School Review“B-School showed me that everyone starts somewhere. That gave me confidence. Heck! I was already somewhere!” B-School Grad, Dr. Tonia Winchester

Reason #4: “I have a product-based business vs. a service or information-based business.”

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or whether you do all your work online, the concepts in B-School apply across the board. And having a product-based business does not excuse you from having to have a kick-ass online presence. This year, Marie Forleo and the B-School team have modified the program to walk you product-based b-schoolers through each module to show you how the curriculum applies to directly to you.

Marie Forleo B-School Review


“Since B-School, I have effectively turned my business into an actual, real functioning business with real customers.” B-School Grad, Buffy Gill

Reason #5: “What if it’s just another program?”

You may be thinking, I’ve joined other programs and spent big bucks before, what if this program doesn’t work? OR What if it’s just like all the other programs out there? Let me tell you why I know B-School is different:

  • Marie’s program doesn’t just teach you what’s in the program. Why I specifically promote Marie is because along with all the nuts and bolts of online marketing, Marie transmits a quality of leadership that is key as we step into the new economy: straightforward and direct communication, clear boundaries and an open, yet discerning heart. These qualities cannot be taught; they are transmitted.
  • B-School offers a vast world-wide community of entrepreneurs of all types who are available to support you, encourage you and inspire you. This community alone is worth the cost of the program.
  • And no program works unless you do.  To help you work better, Marie Forleo has developed the Follow Through Formula which you’ll get when you register. This video series will get you geared up with what you need to follow through and succeed with everything from B-School and beyond. Do the work and you’ll see the success – guaranteed.

Marie Forleo B-School Review

“After the first two lessons I was convinced the money I’d spend to take the course was well worth it.” B-School Grad, Harold Metzel

Introducing you to other people’s work is a big responsibility and not one we take lightly. There are many people who have asked us to promote them that we’ve said the hard no to because it just wasn’t alignment for us or for you. With Marie, even though we may appear different on the outside, there is a deep resonance with our work, and I strongly recommend B-School so you can be even more ready to step into the New Economy.

Are you ready to Join B-School? Enroll Here. (Enrollment Link will be live Feb. 20th, 2018) 

Marie Forleo B-School Review

In addition to this Marie Forleo B-School Review, we’ve put together the Best of B-School Bonus Round Up to help you make an awake and aware decision with your Eyes Wide Open. Get your guide here. (Come back to this page for the 2018 update in a couple of weeks!)

I hope you’ve found this Marie Forleo B-School Review helpful.  Now, I want to hear from you..

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and tell me, what’s your biggest reason for not enrolling in B-School? And if you’re already enrolled (Yay you!), please tell me the vision you have for your business after B-School. Can’t wait to read.