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Behind the Scenes with Marie Forleo

I hope you’ve joined us as we’ve closely followed Marie Forleo’s brand new video series. And if you’ve missed any of her previous videos, you’ll definitely want to go back and soak up all the goodness she has to offer. Get the full benefit of this series by watching video one here & watching video two here.

Now, we want to take you behind the scenes with Marie Forleo herself as she shows you the inner workings of her multi-million dollar online masterpiece and dives into some of the tough questions you might have about growing your own online business. Questions like: Hasn’t everything been done already? Am I crazy for wanting to launch my business online? How can I build an online business when I don’t have any TIME?

Tune in to the third and final video of Marie’s video series to get the answers to your big questions about building your business online.

Marie Forleo Bschool Alexis Neely Video 3


Marie Forleo Bschool Alexis Neely Video 3

Here are a few more extras you can expect to find in this video:

  • You’ll get to listen to several B-School Grads to hear how their lives and businesses have changed after B-School
  • Follow Marie as she shows you how and where she runs her multi-million dollar business
  • AND, you’ll get the opportunity to WIN a scholarship to B-School!

>>Step behind the curtain with Marie and Watch Video #3 Here.<< 

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And be sure to MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Because there’s no better place to spend the opening day of B-School eb-school interview bignrollment than right here with me, Kiva Leatherman and Marie Forleo herself where we’ll be diving into the hard parts of business and giving you tips on how to make them hurt so good! Plus, Marie will be answering all your biggest B-School questions. (Leave us a comment below with your B-School questions and tune in Feb. 19th to hear Marie answer them LIVE). Register here: Don’t miss it!