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Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess and the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader

Sisterhood is SOOOO important when building business and there are not many places out there where you can express both your feminine juiciness AND bring it down to earth with your practical masculine energy.

The Possibility DOES Exist For You to Be Uncompromising In Your Desires, and We’re Introducing a Mistressmind of Sisters Who Are Doing It Now.

Watch this Google Hangout with Alexis Neely, Kiva Leatherman, Amrita Khalsa & the Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess Mistressmind to discover:

– How to be juicy & on fire AND doing amazing work in the world;

– Kickass ways to get things done, take action, AND make lots of money like a badass;

– Harnessing both your feminine and masculine energies to your work so you can be productive AND fulfilled;

– How a strong container of sisterhood allows you to be vulnerable AND bolder.

Alexis, Kiva & Amrita lead the Eyes Wide Open Collective, which supports you to bring your authentic Great Work out into the world, reach more people, and have a bigger impact than you ever thought possible.

To apply for a spot in the next Priestessmind go to: