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Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Kristina Laskar

kristinaAs many of you who are here know this, Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely and her entire team are amazing.  That is why you are reading this.  When she reached out to me to join the Mistressmind, I immediately was a “hell yes!!”  Even after I fount out the price, which was a total stretch for me at that time, I knew it would all work out.  I also knew that this investment would be worth 10 times what I paid.  This could not have been more true.

I was totally confused at the time of how I was going to proceed with my new business I had been called to create, since I am not doing a one to many model.  I am starting a video based social network called Connectavid.  I know you may be thinking, “we don’t need any more social networks.  I am already busy enough with the ones that are there.”  My vision with Connectavid is to harmonize and evolutionize the way that we communicate through the use of social media, and yes, this will be through video.  Connectavid is a site for the change makers, the visionaries; a place for them to connect and collaborate on what matters most.  It is a place to either produce a video to take to a kickstarter campaign, to win one of our challenges to get funding, or for someone who is interested in investing in your vision to find.  This site is for those people who see the world for what is possible.  The ones who don’t want to see the garbage ending up in our oceans.  The ones who want to see slavery and starvation end.  The ones who want to see all abuse to all beings end.  This is for the ones who know it is possible and know that it takes a village, not just to raise a child but to hold each and every one of us as we go through this journey of life.  All of this clarity came through my transformations during the Mistressmind.

There were so many unexpected treasures during the Mistressmind.  The caliber of women in this group is simply and incredibly astonishing.  The only word that even comes near describing how I feel towards each one of them is a French word, enchante, which means “I am enchanted by you!”

I found clarity.  I had always considered myself clear.  However, when I wrote a letter that Ali so lovingly told me to not hem and haw, and to say what I wanted.  This was a big aha for me, since people who are unclear have always struck a nerve with me.  Now, I am working on that with my self, and finding more compassion for those that do that also.  Through this awareness, I have been much more open to many of these nuances in my life.

I don’t think that Connectavid would be a reality at this point without the Mistressmind.  I would have found ways to self sabotage due to the overwhelm of something so new for me.

I have experienced an array of emotions, and have had a safe and supportive group of women to hold me through it all.  This has meant the world.  I have experienced a deep sense of gratitude for the journey through this journey.  I am blessed!!

Kristina Laskar

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