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Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Lisa Fabrega

lisaBefore the Business Priestess Mistressmind I was running a multiple six figure business with wait lists on virtually all of my services—this may sound great to you, but I was heading down the road to burnout.  I knew my model was not scalable or aligned with the vision my business was calling me into.   At the point that I spoke with Amrita about the Mistressmind, the 1:1 coaching model was just not working for me anymore.  I needed a way to scale my business in a way that felt in integrity and in alignment with how I believe in giving value to my tribe of followers, that would keep me authentic and in my truth in service to my community and I needed some support on building some solid structures for this next level in my business, which were new to me as I had never attempted to scale to this level before.  I was needing some brainstorming and advisement in how to build the proper, aligned foundation for the empire I am being called to build while still living a life with plenty of room for LIVING.  I want to love and live my life fully, explore and be IN life, not behind a computer screen all the time.

When it comes to building a business and having a very big calling, like I do and like the people I work with do, there are so many people out there that tell you that you cannot have what you want—that it’s either build an empire and have no life, or have a life but accept that you won’t be able to have the impact and financial success that you feel called into.  I’m not interested in what people will tell me I can and cannot do, but more in honoring what calls to me—I believe that in your calling lie all the answers you need to fulfill your purpose.    In picking the next people to support me in my entrepreneurial journey I was interested in working with people who would hold the space for me to build something utterly unique, something that allowed me to push the boundaries of what most say is not really possible, and where exploration would be encouraged along with some solid advice to keep me on track.

Because my business had exploded so quickly, I also had not been able to take the time to set solid financial and legal structures in place.  With Ali’s legal knowledge and the structural advice of the group, I was able to set my business upon a firm foundation that will protect my great work for years to come.  I have an accountant on staff now and have a great credit limit for my business, which will allow me to expand the business much more quickly than I could have paying for everything out of pocket.   Having these foundations in place has also given me breathing room to tap more deeply into my intuition as to where and how I want to grow my empire, because I’m no longer having to constantly hustle to expand.

Another thing that was huge for me is that before the Mistressmind, my business model consisted of doing big launches and I was beginning to get really burned out on that model—launches are all consuming and can be very draining.   After one, one hour call with Amrita, I had a whole new launch strategy that I immediately implemented with my new program, IMPACT™. To this day it is my most successful launch ever and it ended up more than doubling my expected enrollment numbers with the simple tips that Amrita and Ali gave me to follow.  I have since implemented this strategy several times, always with great success.

Finally, as a result of the Mistressmind I was able to completely cut out my 1:1 coaching practice in a way that felt aligned to me and that did not hurt me financially.  My business model is finally starting to support my entrepreneurial archetype (Star Creator) and as a result I have much more breathing room to live my life and do my best work in the world, because I have the space to be creative that I didn’t have before, when my business was maxed out.  I have the right team in place (there was great advice given in terms of how to hire the right team members) and because of having the right structure, right team and support, I was able to take an entire month off of my business and go to Thailand, which I had dreamed about doing for years.

If you’re called into doing great things and want a great container of peers that will help you to up level in the most pleasurable way possible and if you want support from women who have been through it all and have actually experienced the entrepreneurial journey and understand that one size does not fit all, you must join the Mistressmind.  I am a more savvy business owner because of the program and have stepped into a whole new level of thought leadership as a result.  I know that this was a crucial step on my way to building the impact I know I am here to make.

Lisa Fabrega

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