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Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Wren Farris


I was driving south along the Puget Sound last spring to take myself on a much needed work retreat, praying. The prayer went something like this: ‘Spirit, I know I need to grow. I have outgrown my current role, however rewarding and involved it is and has been, I need to find a way to move to my next level. I cannot see a single path forward right now, but I am willing to close this door, if need be. Please send me the next step which will grow me!”

I had become aware of Ali through an article I read– it piqued my interest particularly because it was written about a topic around which there is much controversy, and although I didn’t agree with her facts, completely, it was the most well-written piece I had seen on the topic. Who was this woman? Within days a co-worker had serendipitously set up a private meeting with she, myself, and Ali. In the short conversation we had that day, I knew something was about to shift. 

After that, I don’t remember how it happened exactly, but I was informed that Ali was inviting me to apply to be one of seven select women in her upcoming Business Priestess Mistressmind… without really knowing why I would say yes, or what it was even about, I knew that my prayer had been answered.

This was the next step! Whatever the details were, inside I had already said “Yes.”

Within the container of the Priestessmind, I have chosen to focus on the birthing of a network/training program for women focusing on our relationship to work, worth, money, abundance, and our truer Value in the world. This network is called The Opulence Project. The work includes dialogues, trainings, a three-month initiatory-based program, and the opportunity to become a trainer of the work, and then teach within the network.

I am honored to get to work with women to undo stagnant and outdated stories and skillsets around money, and to unlock a never-before-seen relationship with Worth, and therefore financial potential. 

Currently, the best way to engage with or become a part of this work in its beginning stages is to join our invitation-only Facebook group. Please join us there if you are ready to delve into the heart of your relationship with Abundance, and root out what no longer serves you as you venture toward a life of your own authenticity…

Simultaneously, while working on The Opulence Project, I am also building a ‘brick and mortar’ business, Soak on the Sound, a salt-water soaking tub bathhouse in my beautiful home town of Port Townsend, Washington.

Birthing these projects within the container of the Priestessmind is an intimate and rewarding experience. Mostly in life we work alone, behind the scenes, making the production happen, then we bring our creation out into the world, and everyone claps (or doesn’t), as if it were effortless.

If our projects are our Stage, the Priestessmind is the Greenroom, where the real Work is hashed out – emotions run high, and are welcomed, fears are sussed through, costumes ripped and sewn, lines rehearsed, and whole scenes nixed on the spot! We celebrate and challenge each other, share ideas and skill sets, and hold each other seriously accountable… 

I have learned that the more I grow in my capacity to hold space for others and be a potent guide and leader in my work, the more I also need to be held and seen and guided by others at similar stages of high-level personal evolution. The best coaches always have coaches themselves. This is what the Art of the Mastermind is: sitting around the table with peers in similar stages on an evolutionary path, growing exponentially because of the dedicated engagement to the growth itself.

To birth The Opulence Project and Soak on the Sound within the context of the Priestessmind is something only the Sacred Design of the Universe, which knows much more than I do about the way in which life needs to unfold for my highest growth, could have orchestrated! Thank You Spirit of Guidance which led me to this experience! Thank you precious Sisters in the PriestessMind! Thank you Ali Shanti & Amrita Khalsa!

In Love, Wren

The Opulence Project

Soak on the Sound

Watch the Replay of Our Business Priestess Mistressmind Google Hangout: “Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess AND the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader.”