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Meet Eyes Wide Open Business Priestess: Dawn Dalili


I first heard Ali Shanti (Alexis Neely) speak when attending Marc David’s conference on The Future of Nutrition. I felt immediately attracted to her blend of deep spirituality and piercing intelligence.

After completing Money Map to Freedom and being part of the Eyes Wide Open Circle for a few months, I reached out to Amrita about hiring her and Ali for a one-day consultation on my business.

I felt that my programs had so much potential, but I simply couldn’t get the group programs off the ground. No one teaches you how to be an entrepreneur in medical school! I needed help with the big vision I felt called to grow into.

Instead of a single day, Amrita invited me into the Business Priestess Mistressmind. She could feel the same potential and knew that in addition to the right plan, there was a need for support and accountability that our small circle would offer.

The support offered by this group has been beyond my expectation. Of course the insight and business planning offered by Ali and Amrita cut to the core in an often-humbling way; but that’s only a portion of this experience. It has been amazing to be seen naked, authentic, complete.

As an entrepreneur, I bought into this idea that I was always on display. I would never let my fears or insecurities show for fear that a potential client would discount my offerings if they caught wind of my imperfection. What shit, right! I learned from Ali is that my fears and insecurities were seeping through my offerings. I learned from Amrita and the other Priestesses in this circle is that my truth is what makes me attractive, relatable, real.

I have heard both Ali and Amrita talk about entrepreneurship as a spiritual practice, but I didn’t get that fully until I joined this group. It is now so apparent to me that I am one with my business and my business is one with me. My spiritual growth is my professional growth, and my professional growth is my spiritual practice.

This practice shows up in my business as allowing, not forcing. There is less drive and push. More invitation and welcoming. I have softened, relaxed a bit, accepted my divine right to receive. It’s pretty much a brand new me and a brand new business, and we’re not even done yet!


Dawn Dalili, ND

Watch the Replay of Our Business Priestess Mistressmind Google Hangout: “Embracing Your “AND:” How To Be The Juicy On-Fire Priestess AND the Kick Ass Get-It-Done Leader.”