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Find Your Liberation NOW Not Later (Because Chasing Money is a Losing Game)

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Chances are you are getting all sorts of confused about how to earn money in the world because you aren’t meeting your base financial needs by providing the kind of value you want to provide.

You want to achieve “financial freedom” but you’re struggling just to get your survival handled. And what happens? You default to old patterns of making money that drain you and our collective system. Or, you struggle. You stay stuck in the dollars-for-hours trap, chasing money, frustrated that you aren’t making the impact in the world that you want to, and not living the life you truly desire. And worse, when you’re not meeting your base needs and instead living in the context of survival, it can be easy to get sucked in and blinded (or corrupted) by promises of “financial freedom.”

With hopes of “financial freedom” someday, you could be convincing yourself — “I’m going to do this ‘get rich quick’ thing or this business model that doesn’t work for me or some other ‘money-making’ venture  AND THEN I’ll use the money to do good and do what I really want!” You can’t win at that game.  We all lose. I only know it because I lived it.  If you are able to earn money that way, it’s easy-come, easy-go.  It’ll slip through your fingers like the sands through an hourglass, never quite making it to durability. I see too many of us forfeiting our lives on this abstract idea that we need to have a certain sized business, so that THEN we can live the great life.

It’s a lie, my friend. There is only the NOW moment. So let’s bring it to the NOW moment for you…

1) How much do you really need to have the life you want right now?

2) How much time do you have to give in order to receive that?

3) What is the real value you can provide?

4) How can you package that value in a way that makes it easy for people to say yes to you?

If you cannot easily answer these questions, here’s a tool you can use to get you started. The time is now.  Whatcha waiting for?