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Be More Needy To Get More of What You Want

This video was inspired by one of the ladies in our Business Priestess Mistressmind.  After hearing her talking about how she wasn’t getting what she wanted, I was able to see clearly it was because she was just too damn good at meeting her own needs.  And, it’s a problem many of us have.

We’ve been taught to either not need anything.  Or, we feel as if we are already too needy.  My friend, if you aren’t getting what you need, there’s some way you are missing the gift of neediness.  Because you know and I know …you always get what you really need.

Watch the video and discover how you can be more needy and get more of what you want today

Hi. I’m Ali Shanti, the founder of Eyes Wide Open Life where we help you to build your life and business awake, aware, and with your eyes wide open. I’m here today with a somewhat counter-intuitive proposal for you.

This proposal is one that you’re likely to receive if either by saying “Oh, I’m already doing that, and it’s not working,” OR you’re going to say, “No Way. I’m not willing to do it.”

So, let’s break through that, because often times, everything that you want is on the other side of that voice that says, “No,” or “I’m already doing it.” Here’s the assignment for you today: It is for you to be willing to be needy. Yes, that’s right… Needy.

Now again, you’ve got those two voices coming up inside your head, one of them saying, “No way. I’m not willing to be needy. I am powerful. I am independent. I am empowered. I am not needy.”

Well, how’s that working for ya? Are you receiving all that you want? Are you living the life that you love? If not, it might be that you’re not willing to be needy.

Or, you’ve got that voice that says, “I’m already too needy. It’s not working.”

Well, that’s the victim, that’s the disempowered neediness, and we’re gonna break through that today by liberating your neediness and seeing it as the path to actually everything that you want.

Because your neediness is real but it’s not a victim, not at all.

In fact, it’s telling you what you need to do the work you’re here to do in the world and be all of who you are at every moment.

There is no need that you have that the universe – you know it, you’ve experienced it.

If you stop for a minute, cut through those voices that are saying No or I already do that and it’s not working, and get quiet for a moment – breathe.

And let’s investigate together.

I think what we’ll see is that all your needs are always met; they always have been, and they always will be. Sure it’s true, you might not always get what you want, but you always get what you need, right?

Isn’t that true sister, that you always get what you need? I know I have, and I actually think it’s true for you as well.

So, we’re going to use that awareness that you always get what you need, and the mantra that I often repeat in my head:

All my needs are met…

All. My. Needs. Are. Met…

All my needs are met.

neediness quoteWe’re going to utilize that to tap into what is it that you really need.

Now, when I say that, I don’t want you to think of just the least that you need to get by.

I want to think about what do you really need to do the work that you’re here to do in the world, what are the resources that you need to call in to support you to do the work you came here to do, to be all of who you are?

That’s where you’re going to find your liberation.

For me, when I really dive into that – what do I really need – some things come up and I feel like, That’s too much. I can’t ask for that. No..

So we’re gonna drop that, and we’re gonna come back to What do we really need?

Well, I need support with my kids. I really need great support with my kids – people or a person that’s going to love them as much as I do and take them to do really cool things while I’m working, because I love to work.

And I need some support in my businesses. I have two businesses, and in the past, when I was unwilling to be in connection with neediness I felt burdened by those businesses as if I had to do it all on my own, because that was my independent, fierce, focused, badass part of me who was keeping me from really having what I need.

Turns out that what I need is a CEO in each business, to run those businesses so that I can be in my creative, so that I can coach, so that I can bring this work that I have out into the world.

And I couldn’t do that if I was focused on the day-to-day of both of those businesses, all the time. So I need a CEO in each business.

Oh, and I need financial teams to support me, because I’m really bad at looking at my numbers. Even though what I do as part of my business is to support you to look at your numbers, I’m really bad at it.

In fact, I bet that one of the things that you need the most is the thing that you do the best for other people. You probably need that. I do.

new quote

So I need financial teams. I need support to look at my numbers and to run those numbers. I need to not be answering emails all day, every day, because if I do then I don’t get to do the creative work that I’m here to do. I don’t get to do things like this. And I need a lot of love.

It’s true, I do. I need a lot of love, a lot of community, a lot of people around me just reflecting back to me who I really am – I need that.

So all of these things that I need are welcome here; they haven’t always been, but today they are because I in touch with my neediness and not from a victim place but from the truth of know that I deserve everything I need and the universe wants to give it to me.

It’s the same for you.

Here’s my practice for you today: Come into right alignment with your neediness. Get to know her. Don’t push her away. Don’t tell her, You’ve got it. You can handle it. Allow yourself to needy. Be willing to be needy. Close your eyes and say to yourself, I’m willing to be needy. All my needs are met. I am willing to be needy. All my needs are met.

And from that place, I want you to begin to write what you really need to do the work you’re here to do, to be all of who you are.

What do you really need? Then, I want you to share it. Because as you speak it out into the world and come out of hiding with how needy you are, not from that victim space but from the empowered place of I need this to do this work, to be who I am. We can meet you there. We will meet you there.

Tell us below… what do you really need, and we will be there to support you in receiving it. I’ll see you there!