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Stewarding Wealth: How to Ask Friends & Family for Money to Start, Support, or Grow Your Business In a Way that Really Benefits the World

Do you have wealthy parents, friends or other loved ones who would be open to supporting your business if only you knew how to ask?

Would you love to feel like you are an amazing steward of wealth for the good of the world?

Watch this training call with Alexis Neely & Amrita Khalsa and discover:

  • How to request financial support for your business from friends, family and other loved ones in a way that makes them want to say yes (and what to do if they say no or not right now)
  • How to know how much to ask for and trust yourself that you’ll know what to do with it when you receive it
  • How to invest the money that you do receive via gift, loan or inheritance so you feel phenomenal about stewarding wealth in a way that really benefits the world
  • The single best structure for receiving wealth that incentivizes maximum wealth creation and decreases risk of lawsuits, loss to divorce or other creditors

This is for you if you have wealthy family, friends or loved ones & you want to make sure that when you ask them to support your business, and they say yes, or when they give you money, you understand how to receive it and steward it in the very best way possible.

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Thank you for your glowing feedback & questions on the live Hangout (please ask your questions & share comments at the bottom of this post, I would love to answer them for you)…

Ali_Shanti“bingo! thank you so much! reveal my heart more. There’s so much potential for wealth of connection far beyond money here! just hearing these things spoken of is so valuable!” – Aimée

“Could you be any more brilliant, woman?!” – Brad Axelrad

“This is beautiful information, what a gift.” – Linda

“What if my Dad, the steward of my family’s wealth, has specifically already said he DOES NOT want to invest in a child’s business (mine) but underneath this wall – I know this is a good decision – how can i push back strongly without being pushy??” – E

“I’ve asked my family for financial support for my coaching business (e-courses) and they said yes! Now, I need to know an amount of money. I don’t have to pay it back- they just want me to use wisely. Any thoughts on how much to ask for? I’m thinking 10K.” – N

“How do I nurture and grow trust with my uncle who I’m just getting to know while at the same time approaching him for a financial gift?” – A

“Why is it that you think we (and lottery winners for example) sabotage our new influx of cash?” – B

“When I inherit money for the purpose of helping / giving others as the criteria, what is the best way to invest this money, tax wise, business entity wise as the executor of this wealth?” – H

Alexis Neely is a multiple million-dollar entrepreneurial strategist & “Lawyer You Love” who has created a unique way for you to ask for and receive the money you need to start, support or grow a business that really benefits the world.