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The Inner Fire That Gets Things DONE

emersonSo you want to have an impact.

Yet you find yourself… distracted. Confused. Stuck in resistance. Spinning your wheels & not getting results.

What gives?

Why is it that some entrepreneurs create outstanding, prolific results while others spend the same amount of time just redoing their websites over and over again?

It’s not a difference in talent, creativity or intelligence.

It’s a difference in motivation.

What is it that sets an entrepreneur like Vishen Lakhiani apart from others who constantly get stuck in ruts of self-doubt and time-wastage, focusing on things that only distract them from moving forward?

The difference comes down to the kind of focus that emanates from truly inspired intentions.

It’s the intensity of an inner decision, at the deepest level, to unwaveringly move forward in an outcome you want to create. That inner application of will opens doors and creates space for things to simply happen.

This level of clarity and determination is directly related to the seed quality of your motivation: how much do you CARE about what you’re doing? And why?

972043_10151694173664754_1388379101_nWhen you decide to do something – ANYTHING – from a clear enough place of motivation, you will figure it out. You’ll just figure it out!

It’s like a single woman who gets pregnant by accident and chooses to have the child. She says to herself: I have NO idea what I’m doing, or how I will do this, but I. Am. Going. to do it! She figures it out.

This is exactly the level of motivation that separates mega-impactful people like Vishen from people who “kinda have a vision.”

Inner Motivation.
=> Births Indefatigable Will.
===> Generates Clear, Consistent Focus.
==================> Gets Things DONE.

It’s all about the quality and strength of the energy you’re holding in the SEED of your motivations. It’s nothing that can be done on the “outside.”

Do you yearn to be doing something that makes you feel this alive?

The starting point is to ask yourself:

  • What do you truly, deeply, and passionately CARE about?
  • What problem do you see beloved people, animals, or Mother Earth having that you are PISSED about?
  • What problem would you walk through fire to see solved?

529703_479458995440512_117341366_nWhat will it take for you to discover what that is?

I want to know what matters THIS much to you, that you’ll give everything into it.

Please join this conversation with me. I’m in it with you, on my edge, asking myself these questions. Please comment below, and share this with others you want to bring into the discussion.

I’ll tell you what I care about this much: It’s the forests. It’s the Sacredness and sanctity of Life. It’s the inner quest for the Truth of our being. That’s really personal, and it’s true: that’s what matters enough to lead me through fire.

What matters this much to you?