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Success! From logical, left-brain lawyer to embodied, creative dancer.

A few years ago when I began to realize that so much of the traditional success I was experiencing — bestselling book, lots of TV, million dollar businesses — felt empty, I set a new vision of success for myself.

I would know true success when I could fully inhabit my body, my heart and my soul. I would know this success when I felt truly alive.  Success would be mine when I could truly embody all parts of me, especially those that had been disowned for so long. 

This past week at Burning Man, I experienced my personal version of true success. 

Here’s a picture of me just moments before I took the stage for a dance performance as one of the 7 Enlivening Sins. 
90 seconds on stage, fully embodied, dancing my heart and soul.  Afterward, a man who ran my company for several months during the depth of my transformation came up to me and said “Lex, that was amazing. During your performance, I asked who that was dancing and it was you! I didn’t even recognize you.” 

Success!  I did it.  I owned all parts of myself, let her shine fully, embodied the Priestess, Warrioress, Goddess that I am and DANCED. On stage. 

A dream come true.  The first of many performances, I intend. Amazing. 

Stacey Morgenstern (of Holistic MBA) emcee’d, Sonya Stewart, Jenna LaFlamme, Jennifer Russell, Alia, Jess Johnson, and Mia Cara were the other 6 Enlivening Sins and we shifted the 7 deadly sins from Greed to Satisfaction, Pride into Self Esteem, Wrath into Power, Sloth into Rest, Lust to Desire, Gluttony to Abundance, and my part — Envy into Appreciation.
What an absolute joy!  Perhaps if there is enough demand, I can get you a copy of video of the performance itself. Let’s hear how much you want it in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

What is your true definition of success and how will you know when you are living it?