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Moving: 2013 Edition

2012-07-24 19.55.09It’s moving week over here and I’m going to share something that will either leave you thinking “boy, that girl just can’t settle down” OR “wow, I would love to be that free.”And, if it’s the latter — some tips.

I haven’t lived in the same place for more than two years (except in law school when I was too busy to move the whole three years I was there), since I left my mama’s house more than 20 years ago.

That’s a whole lotta movin’!  You can read about my gypsy life here.

Tonight, in the midst of yet another move (thinkin’ this one will be my last for the next 5 years or so), I am feeling particularly grateful for the freedom to move.

Particularly fitting because this is independence week in the US (plus Canada’s birthday!), isn’t it?

I’ve been able to live my gypsy life, with kids, while maintaining and growing my businesses, because I’ve built my income around my highest value of freedom (or as you’ve heard me refer to it, sovereignty).

I can work from anywhere, on my own schedule, doing work I absolutely love.  My life really does often feel like a permanent vacation.  Not because I am partying all the time, but because my schedule is crafted by me. My time is my own.

To me, this is what freedom is really all about.

2012-07-21 07.08.08When I think about the real meaning of freedom, I think of a life where every rule is a rule I’ve created, that I can break if I choose, and in which I am not at all governed by anyone else’s “should.”

That’s my life.

It can be your life too.

Of course, it requires breaking free of the conditioning holding you in a pattern of “have to” “should” or “must.”

For just a minute, imagine what you would feel, be or do, if you did just that.

What would be different right this very moment?

How would you hold yourself differently? What would you be thinking that would be different?  What would it feel like in your body?

I experience it as liberation.

Being able to move every couple of years is just a small part of it.  Two weeks after getting moved in, we’ll be taking off on a 6-week journey.

It’ll begin with a visit to San Diego and Sedona for two separate convergences of the High Priestess Sisters I align with.  Sandwich’d in between will be a jaunt up to Chicago for Eben Pagan’s Accelerate meeting where I’ll be seeing some of you.

Then, back to Colorado to load up the RV with Craig, our kids, and my ex-husband for a trip to California, camping with some of our soul family, and then up the coast to Burning Man.

All told, I’ll be on the road about 6 weeks.

If we weren’t moving this year, I would have added on two weeks of speaking at Lightning in a Bottle and Kyle Cease’s event, but a girl can only do so much and I made the decision not to squeeze those two in.

That’s quite a lot of movement.

Freedom.  Sovereignty.

Happy on the BeachIt’s what I want for you.  Even if you are a homesteader and you don’t want to live the gypsy life, like I do, I want you to have the possibility of it.


  • I want you to know that if you wanted to, you could.  
  • And to know that goes for everything!
  • There are no limits on your ability to say yes to your desires, no matter how weird, off the wall, or strange they feel.

Here are some tips that have really helped me tremendously and I’ve learned along the way …

1. Don’t expect to do it alone.

I couldn’t have the businesses running, the kids well-cared for, the house getting renovated and be moving without A LOT of help.
Back in the day, Anna & Corey (two of the most amazing supporters a gal could have) would pack me, move me and unpack me all while I was out of town. Now, they are three states away and running their own business, so that’s not possible anymore, but I’ve got replacements here in Colorado.

You need that.  As much help as you can afford.  And, if you can’t afford it, asking the people you love really helps …

2. Ask for help cleanly.  

I didn’t used to be so great at this. In fact, I was a hot mess when it came to asking for help.  Two moves ago, when I went from the big house to the farm, I so wanted community support, but I hadn’t yet learned how to ask for help.  So I held a garage sale and invited people I knew to come take things for free with the secret motive of asking them for help moving when they got there.

I could have just asked straight up. It would have been far more appreciated by everyone.  Had to learn that one the hard way.

This time, we’ve got movers coming, a few friends already committed to helping, and I’ve created a Facebook event for the other community support we are looking for, said exactly what we would love and have no expectations if anyone shows up.

Independence starts with interdependence.

3. Breathe & make space

Despite having done it so much, I’m not good at moving.  It’s requiring a huge amount of deep breaths, and saying no to things I wish I could say yes to, like concerts, festivals, parties and even launching a new program that I would love to do, but will need to wait.

So, this independence & freedom week, how will you cultivate just a tiny bit more independence and freedom for yourself?  How will you stretch just a bit to allow in more of what you want, say no to what you do not want, break a rule, go over the top, let it out, say yes to the strange, weird, off the wall … that is the truth of your desire?

Let me hear about it.  

That’s where it often starts. Just saying it (or writing it) out loud.  The blog is a great place to do it.  See you in the comments.