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What does happy look like?

Every time I would ask my husband what he wanted from life, he would say he wanted to be happy.2012-08-27 14.47.23

This was always a frustrating answer to me, but I couldn’t identify why.

Now, I know. And my knowing is gonna help you get closer to having a life of true liberation.

I’m the kinda gal who loves to give to people around me.

In fact, my three core values (and the truth of who I am – more on this another time) are:

  • Generous
  • Loving
  • Free

That means I just want to give you what you want.

So when my hubby (back in the day) told me he just wanted to be happy, I felt flummoxed.

Because I knew he wasn’t happy and I didn’t know what else I could give him to make it so.

Reading Danielle La Porte’s desire map this week, I got some clarity.

Happy looks totally different for everyone.

That’s what she is getting to with this core desired feeling business.

Be with someone who makes you happyWhat’s your happy feel like on a daily basis?

From that place you can make decisions about things like what you want to do with your life and who you want to be in the world.

We get into all that in the money map, by the way.

But if you don’t know that yet (or even if you do but you are coming at it from an angle that doesn’t feel awesome), starting with the desire map is a damn good idea.

So, I’m working on my desire map because I’m really great at making things happen, but I’m not always awesome at feeling good about it along the way.

I tend to get impatient, snippy, and downright bitchy when I’m making shit happen (Craig calls me lizard girl) and that’s no recipe for happy.

So, I’m on a quest to uplevel and that means going back to the fundamentals.

Danielle says to get aware of my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs), so that’s what I’m doing.

And so far I can tell you they seem to center around my core values of being generous, loving and free.

That’s all I know so far, but I’m going to dive back in and I’ll post again when I’ve worked through the whole book.

In the meantime, try working through the map yourself (if you haven’t already) and share with me what you find along the way in the comments below. We all want to know you more.