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Stop Saving For Retirement, Start Investing For Your Future Now

invest in living now

The sad reality is that the only people who get wealthy on your retirement savings are the heads of the financial industry.
You know the truth: there is no possible way you can save enough for retirement.

Between inflation, the current cost of living relative to income, the performance in the stock market and other traditional investments, and the fact that we are living longer, there’s just no way you’ll have enough money saved to support you from the magical day of “retirement” through to the end of your life. 

It’s time to let go of this outdated notion and embrace another plan.

A plan that takes control out of the hands of your financial advisor and puts it back into your hands. 

Redirect your savings into investments you can count on, literally.

1. Invest in the next generation. 

Whether you have kids or not, get friendly with the youth who will be the ones to care for you in your elder years. 

Learn to be a mentor now. 

Create structures that nurture the youth to be the ones you want caring for you.

Invest in their growth, not by sending them to college to become factory workers, but by helping them to discover and live their dreams now.

2. Invest in living your dreams now. 

You are here, at this time, because you have a gift to give. I call it your Great Work. 

Chances are, you put it aside in favor of paying the bills, saving for retirement and paying off debt.
You have convinced yourself you’ll do what you really want when you retire. 

Your life is wasting away and you know it. 

Retire now.

Discover how to earn exactly what you need, as you need it, doing work you love.

That’s financial liberation.

3. Invest in what really matters.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs — are they really going to get you where you want to go? Are they going to be there for you in your elder years? Can you really count on them? 

No, you can’t. 

And that’s why we advocate investing in the REAL economy. It starts with investing in things that you’ll need to support you for the rest of your life. Making investments in what can never be taken from you. 

It starts with investing in creating an income stream by providing services and/or products that make you sing with joy and that you can see doing forever and ever.

Once you know how to do that, you are golden. You no longer have to rely on investment vehicles you don’t understand and only exist to make other people rich. 

Instead, you know true wealth. Waking up every day, doing what you love, not worrying about not having enough saved because you get to offer your gift in exchange for the money you need for life.

We have two ways to support you with that right now. Both have a short turn around and you’ve probably been hearing about them, but let this be exactly what you need to hear to make a decision.

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To your true long-term self-sufficiency, lots of love,