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*Muse-ings* on launching your product

Do you have a product you’re planning (or dreaming) to launch soon?

I want to share this delightful email from Garrett Carrara, CEO of Cognizion, who Alexis & I interviewed to our list last week on his Cash Flow Forecast System (if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

This is my Goddess pic... not in Garrett's email lol
This is my Goddess pic… not in Garrett’s email lol

Dear Polyhym´nia and Er´ato,

I felt compelled to share some more thoughts on the “(product launch) bootcamp” conversation…


MUSE Camp – for those who want to kick start their online business to the next level (or just get started)

1. Phase 1: Doing stuff.

There are just some things you have to do… websites, etc… all the technical stuff (Trackable Items). This is stuff one can Outsource to ODesk. It’s a long list of tasks and timelines, checklist provided to you.

2. Phase 2: Lighting your personal creative spark.

This is your magic area, stuff you cannot outsource to Odesk. You will meet with Alexis and Danielle in order to precisely identify your area of expertise and the product you can create. We will be your Muses.


1. (Literature / Poetry) a goddess that inspires a creative artist.
2. A guiding spirit.
3. A source of inspiration.

(Polyhym´nia presided over eloquence. Er´ato inspired those who wrote of love. I’ll leave it to you both to decide who is who 😉 ) Danielle’s Note: I think we’re both, both!

3. Phase 3: EWO launches you to their list, and guides you through your webinar.

Sales are not guaranteed, but the experience is invaluable. The feeling and mindset shift you’ll experience is something that can ONLY be accomplished by actually being there.

(Rockstar Camp analogy –  When I started my band in college, there was a huge leap from practicing in my basement, to playing at parties, playing at small clubs and then playing to 1500 people on a Saturday night while simulcast on radio (hey, it was 1986). We FELT like Rockstars that night, with local press interviewing us, Polygram record label execs telling us they were watching us and to send a demo, to Rockwire magazine mentioning our name on the radio broadcast. The feeling was completely unable to be comprehended until we actually were ON STAGE to a large group of fans.)

4. Phase 4: Post Webinar experience.

After their first webinar, they MAY:

  • sell more product

  • have requests for more products

  • acquire high paid consulting jobs

  • form strategic alliances

  • attract more traffic and relationships

  • get more ideas for more products

  • have a mind set shift from struggling with that first product, to seeing the infinite possibilities ahead

  • have all of your monthly hosting and web platforms covered plus a profit

  • passive income to allow you to take on more projects to produce more products

  • gain street credibility to be able to approach owners of large lists

  • etc…

5. Phase 5: 30 days after the webinar.

A full review, with a full final report written by the customer that EWO is able to publish and use for marketing.

Cost of the above Program: $10,000 plus 75% of sales.

Garrett Carrara
CEO | Cognizion

PS: I have already had everything in number 4 above happen – since Tuesday – 4 days!
Bottom line: The difference in being onstage is light years away from being in the audience. Time to get on-stage! 

What are your thoughts? Comment below…

I’d love to know how the Muse program idea lands for you. Please comment below! Do you want this? Comments?

Garrett, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts & experience after the interview. We were delighted to introduce you to our list in your first webinar! It was really fun for us too, and I’m glad it was a success for you.

– Danielle