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My Money Breakthrough

JKRI thought I was going to die. A series of unfortunate events led to the reality that we were not going to make our payroll. In either of our companies.

I couldn’t breathe. The tension was nearly unbearable.

Then, it got worse. 

My ex-husband (who now lives with me again) found out that the $1,500 a month income he gets from a family trust wouldn’t be coming anymore.

That was his rent and food money.

We counted on that money. And they told him just ten days before the end of the month.

He couldn’t sleep. Stress beyond belief.

What were we going to do? 

Have you been here before? I suspect you have.

Money fear. It’s a killer. It kills creativity. It kills harmony. It kills love. It kills innovation.

And it’s in the air.

The biggest problem is that the stress of it keeps us from the one thing that will shift it.

We have to have a breakthrough.

I’ll tell you about mine tomorrow. It was big.

But for today, do this.

My friend Max Simon, is having a 21-day money breakthrough challenge. 

I’ll tell ya about Max and his money breakthrough tomorrow when I tell you about mine.

For now, just get signed up.

More soon …