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What is a business priestess and why do I need one?

Most people go totally unconscious when dealing with the legal, insurance, financial & tax (LIFT) parts of their businesses.

As a result, they make poor choices. These poor choices can have catastrophic impact, including lawsuits, big tax liabilities, and even bankruptcy.

As a business priestess, Alexis helps you to keep your eyes open and stay conscious about these parts of your business.

With her wisdom and guidance, you will:

* Consciously choose a business model that’s right for you, based on your personal money map number and unique entrepreneurial archetype.

* With an aligned business model, you can then make the right choices about:

  • business entity structure
  • which coach or mentor is right for you
  • how to structure your team for maximum support and results
  • which tax strategies make the most sense for you
  • what kind of insurance you really need (and what you can forget about)
  • how to set up your financial systems so you can make smart decisions that capitalize on your opportunities
  • what opportunities to say yes to and when to say a clear no
  • creating partnership relationships that work and don’t end in fiery conflict and pain
  • stepping into the highest form of your great work, uncompromised by others expectations or conditioned perceptions of success
  • and so much more

Step into the confessional with business priestess Alexis Neely, unburden yourself and receive the wisdom & guidance that will change your life and business forever.