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Warning: “F” word inside

I sent out an email with the subject line “I’m in a shitty mood. You?” and the responses I received in return have instantly elevated my mood even though half of them were not kind.

They ranged from messages of love and care to, “Do you have to say ‘shit’ in the subject line? No need to answer — I’ve unsubscribed,” and, “Off-putting and not classy.”

And I realize at least one reason I’ve been feeling so shitty. I have been holding my tongue and not expressing all of who I am so I can cater to those who would be offended by my putting the word “shitty” in the subject line of an email.

Well, fuck that. I don’t believe in the concept of “bad words” so why am I restraining myself to cater to the conditioning?

Because my own conditioning says I have to. My conditioning says because it’s better for business.

I filed bankruptcy specifically so I could get freedom from making my choices based on what was best for business and, yet, I find myself still doing it. Until now.I can’t do it anymore. So look for a lot more edge. I’m not going to hide anymore.Here’s the things I don’t want you to know:I practice orgasmic meditation to keep me juiced, use plant medicines and psychedelics on occasion to spark my creativity, have an open relationship with my life partner, started a community that failed and after building two million dollar + businesses, I filed bankruptcy to get free of my conditioning.

I graduated first in my law school class and I’m leading a revolution in the way legal services are provided to families and small business owners, but I’ve rejected the lawyer part of myself for the past couple of years and I’m now re-integrating her back into my life.

I’m frequently on the mood roller coaster, but I do always try to bring a positive attitude to it. And while I teach things like agreements, and intellectual property and insurance, and business models, and financial systems and tax strategies, it’s only because I’ve screwed them up so badly in my own businesses and dealt with the fall out as a result.

Oh, and I use “bad words” sometimes.

Ah, relief, it feels good to say all of that. Please unsubscribe, unfriend or otherwise “un” from my life if you don’t like it. I’m. done. hiding.

[This post originally appeared on Ali’s personal Facebook profile where it received the most response of any post she has ever written, so we decided to post it here so it can be easily referenced in the future.]