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Personal Blogging: How much sharing is too much?

I am experiencing pain around the fact that I am not currently blogging about my life experiences in real time.

It feels as if I don’t have time to share all of it, so I don’t make time to share any of it.

I have this blog, but I’ve agreed to stay on topic here about business management. If I am going to sit down and write, I feel like I should write something for the new Law Business Mentors brand and site we just launched, and I’m contractually obligated not to write about personal stuff there.

I took down my personal blog after a friend I greatly respect gave me some critical feedback that suggested my unedited outpourings of truth weren’t supporting the work I believe I am here to offer the world.

So, I’m not writing about the really juicy parts of my life. The things that might make your jaw drop with a little bit of shock, the places where the transformation is really happening.

And while I claim that I’m not writing because of my friend’s critical feedback, I can admit now that it’s my own fear of your judgment (projected out onto him and reflected back to me) that has kept me from baring it all the way I used to.

I believe I have something powerful to offer the world around a new economy model of personal finance and I’m holding a deeply ingrained belief that if I share all the “private” parts of my life — money, conflict, relationship, sex — that I won’t be taken seriously or respected.

Yet there is another part of me — the one that is not afraid — that says I’ve got it all wrong. It says that I will be far more successful at sparking a sea change in consciousness around personal finance decisions if I let it all hang out.

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