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Two Smart Strategies to Sell More of Your Awesome Information Products at a Live Event

I’m writing this from the airport after the eWomenNetwork big conference in Dallas.

What a great event! Kym and Sandra Yancey know how to bring together a great group. I have a lot I could say about what I learned at the event, not the least of which is a totally life-altering dinner with Patrick Combs.

But today I have a specific focus, speaking to sell.  What do you do when you are invited to speak at an event to of sell a product?

First, I should mention that if you want hands-on learning and help with this, take Lisa Sasevich’s Speak to Sell Training. It’s the bomb-diggity on this topic.

Second, this message is specifically for a situation where you are invited to sell your product/program at an event and not where you are getting paid to keynote.

That’s a TOTALLY different model. Make sure all expectations are clear up front so you don’t get embarrassed.

You should have signed a written agreement specifying the type of talk you are giving, the commission split details, and length of your talk, among other things.


Okay, so you know you are speaking to sell, now what?

1. Consider creating promotional materials to encourage people to come to your talk at the event.

If you are speaking at the same time as other speakers (instead of on the main stage) pass out flyers or other materials at the event.

Or better yet, have an assistant do that for you.

At a recent ABA event I event, where attendees had up to ten breakout sessions to choose from, I handed out promotional material and my room was packed.

2. Use an Interactive Order Form

Whether you are speaking to sell, or to generate leads, you want a worksheet your attendees can complete during your talk. They can order your product or request your free thing. This helps you build relationships with your future client.

Here are images of the best non-order form order form I’ve seen in a loonnngggg time.

What makes it so good?

What are 10 specific things that makes this non-order order form rock? Describe each one, and what makes it awesome, and I’ll enter you to win 3 months in our Eyes Wide Open Coaching Program or a private check in session with me.

Describe all 10 in the comments now.

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