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King, Warrior, Magician, Lover – Which Are You in Business?

King Energy
King Energy
When I was a solopreneur I had to get it all done. Me. Alone. Chief, cook & bottle washer. 18 hour days. That’s Warrior energy. Doing.

Stepping more into my King energy means I’m no longer the Warrior tasked with getting the work done.

Nor the Magician who’s conjuring up strategy or mesmerizing & selling things. I’m no longer the Lover who’s creating the content, who’s creating the poetry.

I have all these in me, which makes me a good King, because I understand it all deeply, but it’s no longer my highest & best use of time.

These days, I’m standing squarely in my King – calling the Court together, getting the right people on the bus (as Jim Collins would say in Good to Great). The bus concept is great, but when we’re talking archetypes, I like the metaphor of the King’s Court – securing the perimeter of the Kingdom so everyone feels safe tending to their work, ensuring we all flourish together.

If You Want To Become The King Of Your Own Company/Court, You Need To Step Into Your Role Accordingly

My biggest shift was committing to stop taking on deliverables and accept that the greatest value I bring to the company is empowering the team to get the results that move us toward our end goal. The challenge I had to face was repatterning my view of myself –  the value I bring – and the way I stand in relation to the work that must get done.

All my conditioning from years of solo-preneuring told me, “If I don’t do it then it won’t get done (or done right) and the business will crumble!” Then there was the layers of residual guilt rooted in my puritanical work ethic – if I only work hard enough, God will save me. So, giving up all accountability for deliverables was a bit of a psychological death for me.

Interestingly, Ali is the exact opposite. She naturally holds a lot of Queen energy, but in business, she’s actually more a technician than a true entrepreneur. Meaning, all she wants to do is have parameters & deadlines set for her work, then sit down and crank out copy or program content – total Warrior/Lover – and when she’s selling or strategizing, she’s one of the most magnificent Magician archetypes I’ve ever seen. A true Priestess.

So, we’ve swapped roles over the past 2 years since I entered her business Court as a social media solo-preneur (Magician/Warrior) serving the Queen. These days, my ultimate deliverable is calling the Court together around Ali and preparing for her to step into her dance, so to speak.

As I step more fully into my King, securing the perimeter and keeping us focused on the targets, Ali relaxes into her more native role – the female Magician archetype, or Priestess. She begins to Dance – and I don’t just mean the mashed potato or the twist – I’m talking about bringing the full force of her feminine flow center stage, sending out sonic booms of creative-sexual energy that nourish everyone in the Court and everything in the Kingdom.

This, in turn, amps up my King energy, and the spiral winds skyward. It’s enthralling. I wish for you to experience this at some point in your career. Not necessarily attaching to any particular role or archetype, but acknowledging your authentic role and finding your place in a Court that serves and supports you to work from the deep, archetypal reservoirs of your soul’s purpose.

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How does this land for you? Do you see where you can apply this in your business? What don’t you get? Let me know by sharing your comments, insights and challenges below.