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This business model saved my booty (+ pics from NYC!)

I’m glad so many of you have been helped by my recent series on
lifestyle practice,legacy business, how to know where you are
on the path and what’s right for you.

You can get caught up on the past posts here:

The first step to master in business — lifestyle.

From lifestyle business to legacy business — is it
really for you? 
Today, I want to share with you the business model that has been,
hands down, the single best one for me — both on the lifestyle side
and with the greatest hope for legacy (still locking in that part).
The business model I love the most is a recurring revenue
model. And having it in place totally saved my ass.
Back in 2010-2012 when I began the stage of my greatest
transformation (read: was totally losing my shit and questioning
everything), I needed to completely stop doing pretty much
anything business related for about 18 months.
I had to discover the 100% authentic truth of myself completely
separate from any money motivation.
That meant no more private client work for a while.
That meant no more selling products and programs.
And yet, I still had a family to support.
Gratefully, by that point, I had developed a recurring revenue
model that would continue to provide me and my family with
enough income to live, minimally, on my farm, while I found myself.
By that point, I had developed enough content that my members
happily paid the business I had created $197-$497/mo in recurring
revenue every month without me having to create anything new.
That income was enough to support a small team and my family
while I figured my shit out.
Whats funny is that I wasn’t sure I would ever want to create anything
new for the members of that business again, but coming out the
other side of that 18-month break, I was completely energized
to re-build and now it’s the foundation of the legacy business I
am creating to last forever.
I’ll share more of the story with you tomorrow.
In the meantime, if you’d like to learn the model yourself from the
guy who is literally the best in the business (and who I wish
I had learned directly from myself way back then — maybe the
business would already be a legacy business by now), now you
can and you don’t need to pay the $5,000/per person he’s charged
for his in-person workshops in the past.

He’s created a super cool free online workshop to teach you the model
and you can get it right here:

You can learn the recurring revenue business model and whether
it’s right for you here
Over the next few days, I’ll share more of my lifestyle and
legacy business building stories.
If you have questions that you’d love to see me focus on
hit reply (or if you are reading this on the blog or Facebook)
post in the comments.
Love beyond,
PS — I’m in NYC this week with my daughter. She’s been
here for 9 weeks for the Hip Hop Dance Intensive she’s
been attending and this weekend is the big performance.

This business model saved my booty (+ pics from NYC!)

While I’m here I got to hang out with Selena Soo, creator
of the program, Impacting Millions and PR-maven to the
leaders of our industry, like Kimra Luna.
She reminded me that these stories of my long history in
this interesting online business industry may not be traditional
media worthy, but they do help those of you up and comers
so much to find your way along the path of aligning your life
and income.
So, I’ll keep telling them.
Finally, I got to meet with one of my long-time lawyer members,
Erach Screwvala, who has been in my membership program
for 2.5 years and I’m excited to support him in taking his law
practice even higher in the years to come.
This business model saved my booty (+ pics from NYC!)
Best, best, best part is that I still got to serve my members
and love them up throughout my travels because of the
systems and team I’ve built to support it all.

It’s been a lot of work, but so so so worth it.

I can see legacy at the end of this tunnel!

If you want to invest your time, energy, attention and


From lifestyle business to legacy business — is it really for you?


The other day, I wrote about the first step for every professional practice owner to get their income into alignment with their life, financial liberation and a practice/business built around your life.

If you missed that post, you can check it out here.

Financial liberation is knowing that (with your services) you can earn what you need, when you need it, on demand, being all of who you are — and having a great life to boot.

If you take the first step strategically and with wisdom and guidance to support you, you will have a professional practice or service-based business that is thriving within 6-18 months of starting. 3 years, max. (Without guidance, well, many professionals never get there, but I imagine that you are here to make a different choice.)

This is a practice in which you get to serve your clients 1-1, they are happy, your practice is full and life is good.

Until you get antsy and want more …

Either more income.
Or more time.

And if you cannot raise your fees, and cannot take on any more clients, because you are already at the top of your market, charging a high value for your services, and your calendar is full, it’s time to look at shifting from practice owner to business owner.

One side note: once you’ve mastered step one, it’s likely that you’ll have more free time than you had when you weren’t successfully getting hired by clients you love to work with, and you may decide to shift your freed up energy to growing in other areas of your life, such as relationships or health, and not keep focusing on practice or business mastery for a while. And, you do really need to shore up relationships and health before making a run for the next level.

In the event that you do want to grow the business side of your life (generally because you are maxed out on time and income with your step 1 business structure and not impacting at the level you’d like) you are going to focus on bringing on more team support, employees, independent contractors, and others who can serve your clients.

Now, you are moving into the realm of creating a legacy business for yourself.

In step 1, it’s all about lifestyle.

In step 2, it’s about legacy. And that requires you to up your leadership game.

Upping your leadership game, building a legacy business, will require another level of time, energy, attention and money investment than you’ve made up until this point.

You’ll need to learn to hire, train and retain key team members.

Everything you thought you knew about leadership will be tested.

You’ll need a new coach/mentor relationship, investing in learning how to truly become a leader from someone who has done it.

And you’ll need to upgrade your legal, insurance, financial and, tax systems (and knowledge) to another level.

Building a legacy business isn’t for everyone. Mastering the lifestyle business is the first step. Having an income model that works for you to deliver your 1-1 gift in the world is where you start. THEN, once you’ve mastered that, you are ready to convert your practice into a business, if you choose to focus your energy and attention there because your calling requires it.

My calling has required it. I WISH I could have just been happy with my 1-1 law practice, making great income, having plenty of time for my family.

But, my soul was called to another level of impact that I couldn’t have at the 1-1 service level and so I’ve been focusing on legacy-fying my work for the past several years and repeatedly it has me at my edge of growth.

This is what I signed up for and I’ve revisited the decision repeatedly to make sure it’s really what I want.

It is.

I love how my leadership gets stretched, tested and grows as a result.

I love that my work will continue on, beyond me. And not just from an ego perspective, but because I know how impactful it is for the people who use it.

I am growing into loving building teams of people who love working together. This has not always been easy for me.

A legacy business is not for everyone.

Building a legacy business is not necessary and should only be done with eyes wide open and clear choice.

Lifestyle business (or even a life aligned income, forget the business part) is just fine for most people and will provide you with a life and income you love.

Most people will never even get there — they’ll stay stuck in jobs that don’t serve them or the world, and frankly don’t even earn them enough money to have the lives they want.

So try not to get distracted by building your life and income in alignment out of order, or by building a business that isn’t really what you want.

The promise of a passive income business is pretty much a lie.

Owning a business requires your effort, input, and energy.

When you build a business that’s truly in alignment with your gifts and the work you are here to do, it can feel fairly passive because you are getting paid to do what you love, but that’s not because you have magically built some business that pumps out money, on demand.

You can have that through a lifestyle business.

Because you will have learned what your path is, you will have chosen an income model that is aligned with that path, and you will have mastered the art of asking for what you need in exchange for what you have to give to the people you are here to give it to — and doing your work feels so aligned with who you are, that you are getting paid to truly do what you love.

You can have all that through a lifestyle business.

ONLY choose to move into building a legacy business if you are truly called. And then, understand, you are likely to experience a short-term drop in income, another level of investments, and an even more full schedule, as you push your edge into unknown territory around leadership.

If possible, and before that, while your lifestyle business (or 1-1 practice) is flowing well, focus on shoring up your personal relationships and your health and be clear with yourself and the people around you that you are likely going to need to call on reserves as you move into the next level of your personal evolution.

Good luck. And, may the odds be ever in your favor.

The first step to master in business — lifestyle and a full practice

In the last week, I’ve talked with so many professional service providers — an electrician at ARISE Music Festival, the gal who does my lashes, and an amazing naturopath in my community — who have reminded me that their practice/business issues are all exactly the same.

These are the exact same issues that face the lawyers we train in our New Law Business Model program.

Business is business is business — all professional service providers go through the same stages in the growth of their practice into a business that truly supports their lives.

First step:

Figure out how to get to a “full practice” with enough 1-1 clients/customers so your time is full and you are making enough money to support your practice (your life + a team member or two).

Usually, that is going to mean that you need to focus on your structure for getting hired by the clients you want to work with and establishing a pricing and packaging system for those services that works for you and your clients.

Ideally, during that stage you are going to stop charging hourly for your time, or by the session, or by the month, and shift into charging for the outcome you provide.

We guide purpose-driven practice owners to do that through our Eyes Wide Open Coaching and lawyers to do that through our New Law Business Model coaching.

Where I see most practice owners go offtrack here is by focusing too much at this stage on marketing (and why their marketing isn’t working) before they have a clear enrollment/engagement structure with correct pricing and packaging for their life and the people they serve.

This includes, by the way, having a great client contract and an easy way for your clients to pay you.

Mastering that is likely going to get you to the point where you realize that you’ve run out of time and need to earn more income to support the life you really, really, really, REALLY want.

Or you might realize that you have exactly the life and income you want. And then you can relax and feel into your next steps.

The outcome of this step is what we call Financial Liberation: knowing you can earn what you need, when you need it, on demand by offering your highest value services to the people you want to and love to work with.

At that point, you are ready for step 2. I’ll be back soon with another post on what step 2 is, once you’ve mastered step 1.

Any idea what step 2 would be? Have you mastered step 1 in your practice? If not, why not? Where are you getting distracted or lost along the way?

Conscious Money Challenge: How Are You Investing?

Conscious Money Challenge. Are you willing to open your eyes?

If you have investment money in the stock market, whether through a retirement account or a straight brokerage account, I challenge you today to find out what your money is invested in and make a conscious choice about what you are supporting in the world.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, grab your last account statement (or go online) and find the 5 letter code that indicates where your money is invested.

Then, type that into Google and review the breakdown of holdings.

For example, AGTHX, the Growth Fund of America. It sounds so nice.

I might have even picked it myself back in the day when I worked for the big law firm said, “Hey Alexis, you’ve got a 401k, how do you want it invested?”

I looked at the options on the paper they gave me, closed my eyes, put my finger down and filled in the little bubbles on my form. Totally blind.

Ridiculous, but I didn’t know any better. And my guess is you don’t either.

So, are you willing to stay blind? Or are you ready to wake up?

We vote with our dollars, but not just with what we buy, but with HOW WE INVEST.

Most of us, though, are investing blindly.

Using robo-funds, or financial advisors who only care about their own commissions or getting your money under management, or simply ignoring it because it’s too complex.

But, really, it’s not. For example …

Type AGTHX into google and you can see that if you are invested in what they call the Growth Fund of America, you are investing in Phillip Morris (the tobacco company that hid data on nicotine’s addictive properties), EOG Resources (fracking!), and Amgen (a company that may be suppressing a true cure for cancer to promote it’s own bottom line — unverified).

Come on, people.

Are you really desiring to support big tobacco, fracking and big pharma?

Or do you think we can do something better with your money?

Wake up, please. Let’s take back control and not invest blindly just because we want that “safe” 5% return for our retirement. It’s not safe, it’s a lie.

What will your retirement be anyway if we are living in a world without clean water (fracking), where we cannot get access to our own natural healing (big pharma), and where lying to addict people is considered acceptable (big tobacco)?

We can change this, but we have to wake up to do it.

Message me at [email protected] if you want help looking at how you are using your resources. It’s time we made a change. And it starts with you.

I Cried and Cried as I Remembered

I Cried and Cried as I Remembered

Last night I cried and cried as I watched the movie, Captain Fantastic. I grieved for a life I have so longed for, and have not been able to successfully create.

It’s the life I really, really, really, REALLY want. And it feels too late for me to have it. (I know this is just my mind BS and it’s up to me to stay focused on what I want, which is something I teach in our Money Map to Freedom course and in Eyes Wide Open coaching, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still struggle with it myself.)

I had something close to it for a year when I gave everything up and moved to a farm outside of town with my kids.

But it felt unsustainable without a man like “Captain Fantastic” by my side. Or maybe he was there and my own lack of true readiness for that life made it so I couldn’t see him.

So I moved back into the world of business, and busy-ness, and rebuilt the structures I had, though this time with more connection to the land, and community and myself than I had ever had before

And I can see how the life I have once again created makes it currently unlikely I would even meet or connect with a man who could or would want the life of Captain Fantastic.

And of course it’s a movie so it’s all romanticized.

But it feels really good (and yes really sad too) to once again remember and open to the deeper longing of my heart.

Now, what to do with this remembering?

Well, it all begins with the acknowledgement of what I truly want.

The first step in the Money Map to Freedom process.

This isn’t something you do just once, set and forget; it’s a lifelong evolution, spiraling up, creating from current awareness and then revising based on our own shifting energy patterns and desires as we become more of who we really are.

Each turn of the wheel bringing us new awareness of our WHAT we really, really, really, REALLY want. And when we create from that place (rather than moving into the HOW from the conditioned place of sales, marketing, and media messages), we take another step closer ourselves.

Acknowledging what we really want, and fully facing and experiencing the grief of not having it, is where it always begins.

It’s the step so many of us skip because we either get distracted from our deeper knowing, or pretend we don’t want it because the thought of not having it creates such risk for a disappointment that feels as if it would be unbearable, or we try to move into the how before we’ve really let the emotion of desire ripple through us.

So we settle for so much less. Pretending it’s okay. Avoiding feeling the emotions.

Or we hide our true desires behind judgment or envy.

If you are ready to open to a deeper level of knowing (and having) what you really, really, really, REALLY want and discover your own path to creating it based on what true, real, meaningful success means to you, I invite you to join us for our next live training on the Money Map to Freedom.

We’re doing it again live on Thursday, July 21, this time in the evening so those of you who can’t attend during the day can join us. You can register here:


From my wide open heart,


PS — if you were already registered for the last training on Thursday during the day and you couldn’t make it, we’ve already registered you for the next Thursday evening training. Please do make sure you do the pre-work before the training, as much as possible. Details on that in your email if you registered.

The Tools for Your Freedom

I’m writing to you looking over the 70 acre shared land I am part of in Mendocino County. Here this weekend with 27 other sisters who came up for a women’s weekend to craft, and sing, and sit around the fire, and eat, and cook, and dance, and love. You can see some pictures here.

I’m seriously considering how I can spend a lot more time up here, and write my book. For now, I am enjoying being up here for the 2nd time this month, camping in a van I rented from a local friend that has me considering it may be time to get my own little van that I can live in down by the river.

I remember when the idea of living in a van by the river was the most terrifying thing I could imagine.

Today, it would be a dream come true to have that kind of freedom.  It would be another level of freedom for me, that’s for sure.

Financial freedom (we call it financial liberation here at Eyes Wide Open, and you can get a better understanding of that here) has led me to work I love, that I get to do on my own time, with who I want, when I want and where I want.

Next level for me would be gaining the emotional freedom that would be necessary for me to take the time away from my family and every day community to live in a van, alone, and write, write, write.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted on how that comes about, as I consider those next possibilities.

In the meantime, I would love to offer you the tools toward your freedom, whatever that next step looks like for you.

For most, the first step requires dis-entanglement from the trap of your relationship with money that is likely keeping you stuck in work you don’t love, or a job you must go to everyday, a 9-5 (or in many cases an 8-8) that exhausts you, or a business that no longer serves you.

So today, I give you the Tools of Your Freedom, as they came through me here on the land this weekend:
1. Discover the Truth of Your Enough

How much do you really need to have the life you really, really, really, REALLY want?

The less you need and the more you realize you already have, the closer you are to your liberation. It’s not something you have to wait your whole life to experience. Your time to step into it is now. You truly do not have to wait.

This understanding is truly the foundation to your freedom. It’s so important, in fact, that when you join us live on Thursday, I’m going to give you my entire Enough Course as my gift to you.

2. Know What You Have to Give and How You Like to Give it

Start by mining the resources (many of which are probably hidden to you) you have right now, and understand that you are in an evolutionary process. What you have and how you like to give it will evolve over time, as your energy shifts and changes, as you learn and grow.

Stay fluid. Be willing to change. Approach this with play.

Discover your entrepreneurial archetype and the archetype path for you, so whether you work for yourself or someone else, you get paid by working in the ways you most like to work. (We’ll cover the entrepreneurial archetypes on the live webinar on Thursday.)

3. Learn How to Ask For What You Need in Exchange for What You Have to Give

Once you know what you need (which can be a whole journey in and of itself), you can ask for what you need powerfully and congruently.

This past week, my dear sister KC Baker did just that.

She found a property she has been dreaming of owning in Sedona for many years had come up on the market. She’d need $100,000 within two weeks to make an offer on the property and be able to get the financing to buy it.

She emailed some of her sisters, including me, with a powerful, congruent ask and she has now raised all the money she needs. I’ll be sharing the details of this on Thursday’s webinar.

Plus, in my Enough Course, which you’ll receive as my gift to you when you attend live, you’ll get to watch me make a VERY edgy ask (when I asked my mom to invest in me, knowing she’d say no and you’ll have to see what happened next) in a video that’s part of the Enough Course.

For most people, knowing how to ask for what you need in exchange for what you have to give shows up as being able to price and package your services, or ask for the pay raise at your job, or restructure your work time for sovereignty while still meeting the needs of your business or the business you work for, and we’ll definitely be covering that Thursday.

So these are, in my experience, the three foundational pieces you’ll want to master to step into your own freedom.

Once you master these, money is no longer the fear that’s holding you back. Money dysmorphia is cured. You are able to tap into all you need, when you need it, on demand.

And from there, you have the space to face the emotional pieces holding you back.

That’s where I am right now. Now that I can’t hide behind not enough money, I have to (get to!) face the beliefs that are keeping me stuck in any lack of perceived freedom and where I am actually choosing every single piece of my life. So if there’s anything I don’t like in my life, I get to remember that I’m choosing it. It’s truly all mine, here for me, a gift to my awakening.

A gift to your awakening.

Love beyond,

PS — See you Thursday on the live webinar The Roadmap to Your Money Map to Freedom Life and Income plan — Right Relationship with Time, Money and How You Get Paid. There’s only 100 live spots, but register even if you can’t make it and we’ll send you the recording. If you can make it live, do. I’ll be giving direct coaching, plus my Enough Course to all who attend live.

Dawn Pigoni

Eyes Wide Open Campaign Manager

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